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Custody Litigation

If you are involved in a contentious custody dispute, seeking to collect unpaid child support, desiring alimony, need to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order, or are facing other family law problems, contacting The Willingham Law Firm can help.  The best interests of your children take center stage in divorce.  Differing visions about care and custody of children become magnified, triggering heated disputes and legal tangles.  The Willingham Law Firm delivers practical perspectives and strong advocacy for resolving these complex family law matters.  Our familiarity with Georgia family law, local attorneys, and the local judges helps us develop the right legal strategies for the most favorable outcome for you.

At the end of the day, you will always be co-parents, so we emphasize workable solutions over spiteful or shortsighted tactics.  Our first priority is what is in the best interest of the children.  In working out a cooperative, workable parenting plan we will capably address all issues relating to your children: 


•  Contested custody proceedings

•  Negotiating joint custody and parenting plans

•  Initial determination of child support

•  Post-decree modifications or parent relocation

•  Enforcement and contempt of court

•  Paternity and legitimation (unmarried parents)

•  Domestic violence protection orders

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