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Military Divorce and Custody Issues

When one spouse is in the military (or when both are), divorce gets a bit more complicated. There are different rules about where to file the divorce, how to calculate child and spousal support, how custody of children is determined, and dealing with pensions and post-divorce health insurance issues. 


Our military members deserve representation that can speak to their unique situation.


The complexities that pervade the spectrum of family matters in a military divorce are:

  • Divorce

  • Child support

  • Alimony

  • Property division

  • The effect of the Service Members Civil Relief Act

  • Division of military retirement benefits

  • Relevant military tax matters

  • Domestic violence issues

Military families continue to bear the cost of subsequent deployments and long wars.  They deserve a family law firm that will understand the unique complexities of what they have been through and how their military status challenges even the simplest divorce or custody case. 

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